About John Ercek

John Ercek is a practicing freelance photoshop production artist specializing in retouching, photo manipulation/ photo bashing and comic coloring. He grew up in Southern California learning art at his father’s auto body shop, drawing cars on paper and painting them physically. Despite an education at the California Academy of Math and Science, a high school focused on S.T.E.M. subjects, John pursued a Major in Fine Arts at the University of Southern California. He graduated with an emphasis on animation and worked for two years on the show “South Park.”
From there, John began working for independent clients, optimizing graphics for web production and doing occasional motion graphic design, all while continuing to pursue figure drawing and eventually focusing on the comic book industry where he has colored comics for Dark Horse publishing, inked comics for Aspen comics, and assisted in the production of books for Marvel and DC.

Currently, John Ercek is an Image Specialist for gamerant.com.